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These groups were set up to help further communications between Allied and Axis units within the state of Florida and those that participate in our events. These forums are used as means to promote upcoming events, communicate information more quickly and to discuss ideas on how to continue to grow the hobby.

Panzer-Lehr Souveniers can be found at:

http://www.cafepress.com/pala130 and http://www.printfection.com/pala130

Equipment and instructions for Soldaten
Handbook for Tiger Tank Crews

WWII Militaria Vendors
Hessen-Antique (G)
1944 Militaria (G)
At The Front (U, G, R, J)
Bayonet, Inc. (U, B, G)
OstFront  (G, R)
Kriegsende Militaria (G)
GD 43 (G)

(U=US, B=British, G=German, I=Italian, F=French, R=Russian, J=Japanese, O=Others)

WW 2 Online Game

German Songs of WW 2

Blank Ammunition Vendors

Atlantic Wall Blanks
Gopher Munitions Works
Joe Swanson Motion Picture Blanks
The Perfect Shot