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Unit History

Gerd von Born-Fallois
was born on 8 February 1913 in Berlin.  He was commissioned on 1 April 1937 as a 2nd Lieutenant and on 3 January 1939 was assigned to the staff of Reconnaissance Battalion 3 under its commander Major Baron von Wechmar. Little is known of Born-Fallois’s military career until he was given command of Panzer-Aufklärungs-Lehr-Abteilung (PALA) 130, an armored reconnaissance battalion.  He was awarded both the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class, and on 4 October 1944, received the German Cross in Gold .  His command went on to distinguished itself in battle in the Saarlouis region of Elsaß for which Major Born-Fallois received the Knight’s Cross on 2 January 1945.  He survived the war and later joined the Bundeswehr.  From 1 October 1962 until 1 April 1964, Born-Fallois held the post of Deputy Commander of Tank Brigade 6.  From 1965 to 1971 he commanded the Territorial Defense Staff III D of Defense District Command 34.  He retired as a Colonel on 31 March 1971.



PALA 130 Order of Battle

Commander: Major Gerd Born von Fallois
Adjutant: Oblt von Borries, Oblt von Daniels-Spangenberg

Oblt Werren
Feldpost #30247
Command section with 3 SdKfz 251/1s.
Communications section with 3 SdKfz 251/3s.
A total of 12 lmg.

*In June 1944 the Stabs Ko. organization was to include 13 SdKfz 234/1s and 3 SdKfz 234/3s SpähWagen.

PanzerSpähWagen Oblt Gollwitzer
Feldpost #58793
Command section with 2 SdKfz 234/2
4 Aufklärungs troops with 6 Sdkfz 234/2

Halb-KettenPanzerSpähWagen Oblt Weinstein, Oblt Gavenat
Feldpost #30303
Command section with 1 Sdkfz 250/3
8 Aufklärungs troops with a SdKfz 250/1/3/5 and 2 SdKfz 251/9

SPW Oblt Scharein, Oblt Werren, Lt Gerstenmeier
Feldpost #34247
Command section with SdKfz 251 and SdKfz 1a, 2 MCs
3 Aufklärungs Troops (zügge?) each with 6 Sdkfz 251/1 (used in Halb-Truppen?)
Schwere Section (züg ) with
2 HMGs
3 SdKfz 251/9
2 SdKfz 251/2

SPW Oblt Exner, Hpt Hobner, Oblt Kipner
Feldpost #42339
Command section with SdKfz 251 and SdKfz 1a, 2 MCs
3 Aufklärungs Troops (zügge?) each with 4 Sdkfz 251/1
Schwere Section (züg ) with
2 HMGs
3 SdKfz 251/9
2 SdKfz 251/2

5. Kompanie
Schwere SPW Hpt Mondelein, Oblt von Borries
Feldpost #33740
Command section with 2 lmg
Pioneer züg with 13 lmgs and 6 flamenwerfers
Pnzrjgr züg with 8 lmgs and 3 PaK 40s
Lchte Inf Gun section (züg) with 4 lmgs and 2 7.5cm leIGs
Gun züg with 8 lmgs and 6 251/9s



Invasion! and fighting in the Tilly-Caen Sector

6.6.1944: At 0410 OB West issued orders for Panzer Lehr Division to increase it’s readiness and move to it’s assembly areas. At 1900 PALA 130 starts the reconnoitering march to the invasion front along two pre-determined routes. The night passed uneventfully; PALA’s Kriegstagesbuch stated “Nothing to report” during the night march.

7.6.44: The morning brought an increase to activity, mostly enemy Jabos. Normally the units would stay under cover during the day but a counterattack was planned and PanzerLehr was still a long way from it’s start line. The march was to continue during the day! Progress was soon slowed; PALA took 7 ½ hours to transverse Messy to Rouchamps a distance of only 40km.

8.6.44: At 0900 PALA occupied its assigned security line and began conducting flank (left) security for the division. As ordered on 7.6.44, PALA secured the line Ellon – Trungy.

10.6.44: PALA was attacked by the 56th Inf Bde on the northern flank; i.e. at Ellon. PALA requested and received an attachment of a PanzerJadgKommando at 1500 in the form of a Panther zug of the 2nd Ko./6th Panzer Regt near Abbaye de Mondaye. It was forced to withdraw to the line of Berrieres – Trungy. The PALA lost 1 8Rad PzSphWgn, 7 SPW, and 1 AT gun in the fight.

11.6.44: Defensive order to PALA was on the Laurrette Stream to it’s source at la Belle Epine. The enemy probed, with strong recon forces, the 130 ALA positions on the Aure. PALA lost the la Belle Epine intersection. Reconnaissance to Caumont while repulsing weak U.S. patrols. Made contact with 2nd Panzer’s AufklärungsAbt.

12.6.44: Strong U.S. forces approached Caumont and PanzerLehrBegleitKo. was subordinated to PALA to strengthen it’s defense. Both were committed at Anctoville. PALA continued to harass enemy movement to the south.

15.6.44: Panzer Lehr’s frontline was shortened to allow 2nd Panzer into the line. PALA takes a section on the left front of the Division.

16.6.44: PALA attacked by tanks and infantry of the Brit. 69th Bde which were advancing on the Hottot-Torteval Road. At 1800 a counterattack with the 12th SS Begleit Ko. restored the old line.

17.6.44: More attacks – counterattacks.

18.6.44: The 7th “Green Howards” attacked 3.PALA in Longraye after a mortar preparation.  Initially 3rd Ko. withdrew but successfully counterattacked with the support of 8 RADS, Inf Guns, the Abt.’s Engr Zhg. Along with the support from the 4.PALA and 12th SS Begleit, the Green Howards were overrun, capturing 120 men including the BN Cdr LTC Williamson.

19.6.44: 2300 losses; 75% in the 40 combat platoons, Panzer Lehr reports average daily losses at 60 men. PanzerAufklärungsLehrAbt. 130 secured a border between the Americans and British east of Caumont. The PALA Stabs Post was in La Mogisiere 5 miles SSE of Aunay-sur-Odon.

26.6.44 Panzer Lehr is replaced by platoons from the 276th Inf. Division and transferred to an area around Aunay as Armee Gruppe reserve.