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130. Panzer Lehr Division

5. Kompanie, PALA 130 is a group of WW2 German re-enactors located  in central Florida.  Historically, PALA 130 was a Reconnaissance Battalion for the Panzer Lehr Division, and 5. Ko. was its heavy weapons company.  Working in conjunction with other Living History groups throughout the state, we endeavor to keep alive and honor the memory of the men and women who shaped history and earned the right to be called "The Greatest Generation".  We do not agree with the ideology of the Third Reich, and in no way glorify the true horrors of War. We are students of history and endeavor to honor all Veterans.  Alive or dead, regardless of nationality, all were willing to lay down their lives for the country and people they loved.

5. Kompanie, PALA 130 operates a mobile museum that offers a window into the past.  At air shows and other public venues, we give people an opportunity to handle authentic World War 2 equipment and weapons.

We have a large collection of historical artifacts, many of which were brought back to the United States as war trophies by American GIs.  Among these are weapons, flags and personal items .  Many items are on loan to the Museum of Military History, Inc. In Kissimmee, FL.

We are members of the Florida Historical Preservation Group (FHPG).  Different units throughout Florida specialize in depicting different military and paramilitary organizations.  British, American, German, Russian and French units are all available for you to explore, and units are always anxious to recruit new members.  Some units can help new members by loaning them uniforms, weapons and equipment until they can afford their own.

If you would like to become involved with 5. Ko, PALA 130, or help with the museum, please contact  Ross Frow



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