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Click here for an excellent article on Panzer-Lehr-Division vehicle markings.


German Vehicle Flags & Tactical Symbols as of 1939
Special thanks to Dr. Leo Niehorster

Tactical Symbols were a system of symbols applied to military vehicles.  They identified the type of unit that a vehicle or weapon system belonged to without revealing the specific unit.  A symbol identifying the unit's Division was usually placed near the Tactical Symbol.  Within the Panzer Lehr Division, a capital L in Fraktur script was used to identify its vehicles and equipment.  Vehicles were also assigned numbers (sometimes called Bumper Numbers or Hull Numbers).  Each unit was assigned a range of numbers, and these would have been known internally within the Division.  Flags were also flown on vehicle bumpers in rear areas to identify the vehicles of important staff members or commanders.  The article linked above gives many excellent examples of vehicle marking within the Panzer Lehr Division.